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I'm the girl the ESRB warned you about

One drop of love from him and my heart's in ectasy...

1 May 1986
.hack, 50 dkp minus, american dad, angels, anime, aqua teen hunger force, aquabats, argent dawn, astrology, beavis and butthead, billy and mandy, blood elves, blue dragonflight, bounty hunting, cartoon network, cats, chobits, chrono trigger, clerks, comedy, computers, cowboy bebop, crystals, csi, d&d, dance dance revolution, ddr, demons, digimon, disgaea, dj sharpnel, douglas adams, dragonkin, dream theater, dropkick murphys, eros, excel saga, face up face down, fagnaros, family guy, fanfiction, fatal fury, final fantasy, furi kuri, futurama, game over, gaming, giant robots, girl gamers, goo goo dolls, gundam wing, harry potter, howl's moving castle, human instrumentality project, immaterial and missing power, internet, invader zim, kill bill, king of fighters, king of the hill, lilim, lilith, lodoss island, lord of the rings, lore, makai kingdom, mana, manga, mazinger, mecha, monty python, more dots, music, mythology, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendogs, nobuo uematsu, oriel, os-tan, pacifism, panic! at the disco, paradigm, pepsi, photoshop, player verses player, pokemon, pretty guardian sailor moon, psychology, punching infidels, pwning n00bs, ragnarok online, record of lodoss war, resident evil, rise against, robe and wizard hat, robot chicken, roleplaying, rurouni kenshin, scrapbooking, silent hill, spirited away, star trek, star wars, starcraft, structural theory, succubus, super mario brothers, television, thanatos, the aquabats, the black mages, the boondocks, the corpse bride, the distillers, the nightmare before christmas, the spell weaver, the vandals, trading card games, trigun, tsubasa, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, tsunami bomb, video games, warcraft, white mage, world of warcraft, wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, youtube.com, yugioh gx,